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This is for all the girls who have heard that they won’t make it; The ones being told that they should focus on getting a real job. If you are wondering if you should just quit sports because they never show women’s sports on the TV, or you’re tired of hearing them say that you play like a girl, or people tell you that if you get too muscular or act too aggressively guys won’t think you’re attractive. Either way, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it. This is for you.


Since the beginning of time people have been afraid of powerful women, from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, women who dare to be great will be torn down by society because when a woman decides that she wants something the world will bend to her will. It is easier to make them believe they are powerless from the beginning than trying to stand in their way once they find their strength. The truth is that you are more powerful than you could ever imagine, their fear and their need to hold you back is your proof. So, raise your head high and wear their doubts proudly like a gilded crown. Allow their ignorance to fuel your determination and to harden your resolve. You are a culmination of the women who came before you that dared to challenge the norms, the ones who were not afraid to be exactly who they wanted to be. So dare to be more.


They used to say that women couldn't govern a nation, they couldn't fly, they couldn’t be a CEO, and they would never dominate sports. Every single day they are being proven wrong so, who are they to tell you what you can and will achieve? Don’t give up. I believe in you, all the greats do because we were all you once. I guarantee they’ve all had moments that they doubted themselves. I have. I had to learn to fight, to be proud, to overcome the fear of failure, and to find the belief in myself that no one else was willing to give.


You see, that is the only way you can change the world: With belief. That’s your secret weapon so, believe in yourself, believe in your power, believe in your dreams. Don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise even if it’s that little voice in the back of your mind because I promise you, it is worth it if you’re willing to try.


These are the women who inspire me every day, maybe one day you will be one of them:

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