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You might have wondered why I chose to put "Be Unforgettable" at the top of every page of the website. It isn't just some catchy saying that I thought would be inspiring. Those two words shaped my career into what it is now so I thought I would take the time to explain the story behind its origin. 


First, you need a little bit of background. I transferred to Brookswood Secondary, Langley BC, Canada in 2014 from Prairie Highschool in Vancouver, WA. I chose Brookswood not only because of its legacy of winning but because of its head coach, Neil Brown. Coach Brown was the most committed and talented coach in the province and has since been inducted into the British Columbia Basketball Hall of Fame. While at Brookswood, Coach Brown and I won 3 back to back Provincial Championships, for all of which I earned MVP honors. Though that was certainly unforgettable, since I am the first to accomplish this feat, that is not why "Be Unforgettable" has so much meaning to me. This story is not about success but self-doubt.


It was an hour before the tip-off of my third and final Provincial Championship game. I was nervous. This was not the type of nervous that I was used to, the excited anticipation for the game I usually experienced. No, this was fear. There have been only a handful of times that I have experienced genuine fear, the kind that twists your stomach and has tears welling up in your eyes. For some reason, I was feeling it now. Why was I scared? I had done this twice before so, it's not like I didn't know what to expect. We had even played the other team earlier in the year. I knew how to win and what I had to do, but I still felt like my breath was catching in my throat. 


As usual, my dad sensed my unease. He came up to me and asked how I felt. I looked up at him and was barely able to get out the words:


"I'm scared."


He smiled down at me and told me to come with him to the back of the building. When we got outside, he asked me to explain why I was scared. I told him I didn't know to which he laughed and replied: 


"Of course you do! You are at the edge of history and you don't feel like you are prepared. Maybe you didn't get enough shots up or didn't condition hard enough, but whatever it is, you are doubting your worthiness of this moment. Don't. What's done is done. Play the way you know how and don't be afraid. Be Unforgettable."


Behind the Langley Events Center in that dusty doorway, I broke down into tears. The weight of the expectations of everyone in that gym had been crushing down on me. The expectation of a third MVP performance had been hanging over my head the entire year. I wasn't afraid that I wasn't good enough. I was afraid of letting everyone down, that if I didn't win a third championship and MVP honor, I would be a failure. My dad hugged me close and repeated those words: "Be Unforgettable". It was a challenge. A dare to find the courage to be completely and shamelessly myself, free of fear and doubt. He knew I always did better when challenged. 


I walked back into the gym with renewed energy. The fear was gone. I was going to be unforgettable and I left that gym as one of the best to ever have played in British Columbia with another championship and MVP trophy under my belt. 


Those two words changed my world. It is a constant challenge that I carry with me wherever I go. A reminder to never hold back. 


Now I pass that challenge on to you, in whatever you do:


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