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Moving back home from Raleigh was a good break from my family, quarantine was making me stir crazy. I needed a week or two to myself so that I can come back and have enough patience to last another couple of months. Eventually, everything was packed and ready to go. I was feeling a lot of different emotions while sitting in my empty room with only six boxes for company.


My entire life, the total record of my existence fits into six boxes. That seems uninspiring to me since we as people like to believe that we are remarkable and unique. But those six boxes housed very few things that could not be easily replaced if I wanted to. Puts everything into perspective though, right? They are just possessions, and our lives will constantly be filled with objects that do not define us. It is the memories we made with those things that give them meaning. For me, it is the Instapot I used to make chicken noodle soup from scratch when all my roommates and I were getting colds, the cards that were sent to me during freshman year from my family when I was missing home, and the books I used to fill in my free time. These are all the things that may not be much to look at but mean the world.


I am leaving Raleigh for the last time as a student and it is a bittersweet moment. This city has shaped me in so many ways through triumphs, failures, heartbreak, and joy. I wouldn’t be the same person without it and I sure wouldn’t change it for the world. So, I might be leaving Raleigh, but I will be taking a piece of it back with me in those six boxes. They are the foundation for whatever comes next and they mark the beginning of a new adventure, a clean slate.


The next time I’m in the City of Oaks, I will be an alumnus of NC State and I will be able to enjoy it again in an all-new light. No regrets or frustration, just beautiful memories, and the chance to catch up with friends. I’m looking forward to it already.


Thank you for being my home for the last four years. I promise I’ll see you soon.

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