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Saying The Things That Need To Be Said

It is hard to fathom the fear and pain the black community is experiencing right now, knowing that you are a target because of the color of your skin is something that I will never experience because of my privilege. It is, however, easy to understand their anger.

It burns in me every time I see a new headline depicting the murder of another innocent man, and every time I watch a video of brutality through hot tears of outrage. I am crying just writing this. Though it shouldn't make a difference that I know people personally, because as human beings everyone should be treated with respect regardless of their personal importance to you, I have been surrounded by amazing, kind, and beautiful people my entire life. More than half of them black. My best-friends, teammates, ex-boyfriends, and extended family are all a part of a community that is being threatened because of ignorance and hate. Hate that is flourishing in a system built to oppress the black community.

I am a Canadian, living in this reality with no real power and it is tearing me apart. So, I bear witness, I sign petitions, and I cry. It is not enough because nothing will ever be enough, but it is our responsibility to keep trying; for the people that we know and love as well as the ones whose names we will never have the honor of learning.

I will never experience their pain but I will not shy away from saying what needs to be said.

I see you. I love you. I won't forget.


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